Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Review: Cellnique Age Defying Whitening Airy Masque

[ Bare Face Alert! ]
Bare Face me. Sorry if I scare you T.T Skin has been really bad recently and I am in need of a boost to save my skin. 

I heard about Cellnique long time ago as Cellnique is a renowned brand in the indsustry. I tried their facial service before and it was sooooo good. Hence I believe in Cellnique. 
Cellnique Paramedical is driven by a passion to pursue flawless and perfect solutions, with the purpose of not only  providing the most professional and result-driven skin care products, but also aiming to set new benchmarks in the salon skincare industry and promote a vibrant, confident and healthy lifestyle for both our channel partners and users.

So this time, to save my skin, I tried on the Age Defying Whitening Airy Masque

This whitening and rejuvenating masque is infused with pure extracts of Rice Lees, Centella, Licorice, and Indian Lotus to soften fine lines and lighten skin for a visibly fairer, smoother and rejuvenated complexion. It intensively moisturizes, brightens and revitalizes the skin by restoring skin firmness and elasticity. Skin regains its youthful suppleness and radiance.

Dry weight of Airy mask sheet – 2.5 g
Volume: 25ml
Country: Taiwan
Price: RM 129 (5 pcs per box)

Each box consists of 5 pieces. Just take one piece out and tear it. 

You should see this in the packet.

Gently open it up. There is 1 side in blue

Another side in white plastic

Each masque is composed of three layers of which the middle layer is the airy masque. Remove the blue paper layer 

and place the essence layer onto your face.  It has a soothing effect so it feels cool on the skin.

Remove the plastic later  

and leave only the essence layer for 15 minutes. The essence layer is very thin so do handle with care.

After 15 minutes, remove the mask. Gently massage for 30 seconds, leave it for another 30 seconds for complete absorption. Post cleansing is not needed. 

And you can enjoy a very hydrated and brightened skin now!

After using the mask : So big difference compare to before using the mask! Skin instantly appear brighter, fairer and moisturised! The red spot on skin become less too. When I touch it, it feels very suppled. I am really satisfied with the result. I believe if I do it consistently, the fine lines will disappear gradually because the skin is so suppled! 


Brightening skin tone
Anti-oxidant and prevent signs of aging
Anti-inflammatory/Soothing effect
Deep moisturizing

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I wish I can try more Cellnique products to make my skin better! Girls and boys, let's be fabulous together :)

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