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Starlight Cinema with Galaxy Life

If you have been following me on Instagram: @wileetee , Twitter: @wilee_t , Facebook: Wilee Tee , you will noticed that I have mentioned about the Starlight Cinema a couple of times. I watched the Sound of Music on last Sunday, thanks to Galaxy Life. Galaxy Life is an application only for Samsung Galaxy gadgets, which provides exclusive deals to users. And I am really glad to see readers to say Hi to me there! 
Starlight Cinema is a cinema where you can watch movie under the stars. Movies are scheduled, until 21st June, so you got to check it and see which day to go catch your favourite movie. Thanks to Galaxy Life, I get to enjoy so many privileges! If you haven't, download it at

Arriving the venue at Bukit Kiara Equestrian Club, plenty of signs directing you to the carpark.
Plenty of parking available, and helpful guards around to assist you. There will have buggy to pick you up from carpark to paintball field, and it is about 5 minutes interval only. And yes, the parking is free too.

Hello Starlight Cinema! 

To redeem the movie passes, first you must have the Galaxy Life app. You can download it at Then launch the app, you will see the recommended deals for you. Find the Starlight Cinema, click in, and you will see the page as shown in the photo above. After clicking redeem, it will valid for 1 hour. So my advice is to redeem when you are already in the venue. Then, show your phone to the staff there, and you can enter the Starlight Cinema for FREE! Each code is entitled for 1 pair of passes.

 The Starlight Cinema is at Bukit Kiara Equestrian Club, paintball field. 

There are many stalls here so you can purchase food/ drinks. If you are a Galaxy life user, you get to redeem some food for FREE! And trust me, by the time you finish redeeming all the food, you will be very very full. 
Some of stalls available to redeem free food: Gong Cha, Crazy Potato, Coffea Coffee, Pizza Hut and more!

 My favourite Gong Cha! I redeemed a cup of SIgnature Winter Melon tea while Andrew redeemed the Milk Tea with Herbal Jelly. 

 Redeemed a burger in Kaw Kaw Burger. My first time trying Burger Bakar Kaw Kaw! IT WAS SO YUMMY!!!! I nearly tear when I had my first bite wtf. You had my heart, Kaw Kaw.
Andrew and I are hooked on it. We always heard how awesome is it but never get to try it. Now we finally understand why is everyone loving it so much. We are definitely going back for Burger Bakar Kaw Kaw.

 Redeemed my one scoop ice-cream. Wah I tell you, movie+ice-cream = perfect

 After grabbing the food we want, we went to find a seat for ourselves.
You can bring your own mat, pillow, plush toys and etc. If not, you can just sit on the mat that they prepared in the front which we did. There're beanbags around so you can grab one if you are lucky/early. If not, you can always rent one at the stall beside. 
Some friends asked me isn't it hot at night, especially it is outdoor? Surprisingly, it is not hot at all. Instead, it can be a little bit chilly at night. For kids and elderly, maybe you can bring a jacket or scarf.

The movie is played on an extremely big screen in a S5. Haha I kid I kid. The screen is so big, that you don't need to worry you can't watch it, eventhough you are sitting far away.

 I was in choir during high school days, and one of my favourite songs is The Sound of Music. I have never watch the movie before, but I just feel it is so beautiful when I sing it. The moment I saw The Sound of Music is in the movie list in Starlight Cinema, I know I MUST go to catch this. 
And this movie is truly beautiful :)
One of my favourite scene: Maria teaching the children to sing Do Re Mi

 Captain Von Trapp singing Edelweiss. My favourite song throughout the movie

 Not only I get to know this beautiful story, it reminds me so much about my high school time. When all of us gathered in the hall and sing Do Re Mi and The Sound of Music, preparing for competition and etc. Such a bitter-sweet memory :)

And I'm glad to experience the Starlight Cinema with him. Really romantic!
Wonderful chilling date night. Best thing is I don't need to spend a single cent #cheapskatelevel99
 Good food, good movie, good companion. What else can i ask for?

Don't say I never share good stuff with you all ar. Samsung Galaxy users must download the Galaxy Life App! 
Check out the schedule for the list of awesome movies line-ups at 
There will be Titanic, Pacific Rim, Man of Steel and etc coming out! Make sure you don't miss this golden chance to catch your favourite movie with a whole new experience! Check out #mygalaxylife to see more photos 

Download the Galaxy Life app at to enjoy the exclusive deals as a Samsung Galaxy users! 

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