Monday, July 7, 2014

Review: Marine Elements 深海肌元 Body Wash & Intensive Cream

Are you a victim of skin problems? I am, and I have been searching my entire life for an affordable yet suitable skincare for my body. Recently I have come across Marine Elements from HiShop, which is pretty new to me. It works well for my dry and sensitive skin, hence I thought I should share this good product to all of you.
Say Bye Bye to problematic skin!

Marine Elements is a range of non-steroidal, paraben-free skin care with active ingredient Zonase X™ to help improve the appearance of dry, itchy, irritating and inflamed skin conditions, such as eczema and 
dermatitis, by new exfoliation and skin regeneration technology. 
I am going to test on the Marine Elements Intensive Cream(right) and Marine Elements Body Wash(left).


Marine Elements Body Wash is an extra mild, soap-free formulation, suitable for the whole body. It has a 
pH level that is close to human skin to maintain your skin's natural barrier against daily harsh elements. It 
will gently exfoliate the skin, thus promoting regeneration of healthy skin cells, leaving it smooth and 


Specially formulated to provide deep moisturisation to extra dry and problem skin areas. The non-greasy 
formulation will soften the skin’s surface, allowing immediate hydration to the dry skin underneath and 
helps accelerate the regeneration of healthy skin. It helps to strengthen the skin’s natural barrier whilst 
leaving a protective film on the skin’s surface. Natural peptides transport moisture and nutrients deep down 
providing continuous moisturisation for up to 24 hours. 

To show you the effect of the Marine Elements Body Wash & Intensive Cream, I took photos from the day 1 to day 14. You can see the transition from the photos below. I have selected Day 1, 3, 7 and 14 as point of references.
I am using Marine Elements Body Wash twice a day, day and night. After shower, I will apply Marine Elements Intensive Cream. I will apply the Marine Elements whenever needed. Hence averagely I will apply the intensive cream 4 times per day on certain areas.

Day 1:
Sorry I know it is horrifying.. Apparently I have this annoying skin problem which can't go away. Consulted skin specialist and the doctor said skin problem will not go away, and can only control it using medicine. Few years ago I diligently use the medicine everyday, but now I am getting so lazy to use it.. And my skin condition is really bad as it is very dry 

 Day 3: For the problem area it still appeared red but my skin has become so much more moisturised! Large pores appeared lightened.

 Day 7: Redness has been decreased as I practised to apply intensive cream whenever I have the urge to scratch it. Skin become smooth!

Day 14: Redness has been minimized! The skin disease of course didn't go away but I am so glad to see the redness has diminised. It looks much more better than having red patches on my leg. Overall my skin has become more moisturised and smooth :)

I believe continuous usage of the products will not only maintain the effect, it might give me even more surprise:)

I managed to grab a good deal for you lovely people!
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  1. Wah! It works so well! omg now I'm tempted to get this because I have some skin problems like that too >< Thanks for the review!

    xx Mandy

  2. Wow! So how is it working on you now? Is it still good?