Monday, July 7, 2014

Benefit Brow Bar

Walking in the malls, I'm sure you have noticed this pretty little store in One Utama, Mid Valley, Sephora and etc. This is Benefit, one of my favourite cosmetic brands! Besides selling cosmetics, do you know that there're a Benefit Brow Bar inside? 

Benefit Brow Bar has the Brow Arch Experts who are highly trained in the art of brow shaping. They are always ready to beautify your brows! If you want to look in your best, look younger and fresher, and want something quick and lasting, you should totally drop in a Benefit Brow Bar for a custom brow shaping. You will get your nice brows within 10 minutes!

Benefit has so many brow products! I personally tried 2 of them.

Gimme Brow is one of my favourite brow products, especially when in rush. It works like mascara, and you can a very nice and natural brows afterthat. It comes in 2 shades, and I am using the lighter brown to match my hair colour.

 I attended a workshop by Benefit on shaping your perfect brows. I got to say I learnt a lot!
 Such a cute set up. Whenever I think of Benefit, it is always about retro, pink, cute, and lively.

Demonstration: Shaping the eyebrows using Brow Zings
 1st, you gotta use a pen or anything that is straight to find the 3 points for your brows as shown above.

 Then fill it up with your brow products. Voila! A perfect brows works wonder on our face.

I also tried it on myself using these products. Honestly I am not a very smart student in this...

That's my brows before I apply anything. And I also my brows is getting so messy!!! I find it so annoying.

Got the 3 points!

Then fill the gap. don't my brows just came alive? The power of perfect brows! 

I am a regular customer for brow waxing in the Benefit Brow Bar. Since my brows in need of a makeover, and I am really bad in sorting it out myself, I head over to the Benefit Brow Bar in Pavilion. One thing I like about the Benefit Brow Bar is it is everywhere! So it is very convenient for me to just pick the nearest one and get my brows done. 

Some people asked me if the brow waxing pain? Of course it does pain a little, but is in the acceptable range. You will feel the pain for like erm 1 second, when getting the wax off. The whole process of brow shaping and waxing takes roughly 10 minutes only.If your skin is sensitive, your skin might get a little redness around your brows after waxing. But fret not, you won't feel any pain and the redness go off after a while. The kind beauty consultant can help you to cover the redness well if you find the redness disturbing. 

Right after my brow waxing in Benefit Pavilion. My brows looking so much neater and the shape is perfect! I think I look more freshened up and sharper :) In this photo, I didn't use any product on my brows. Thank you Lena for accompanying! 

My brow waxing can last up to a month or more. In this 1 month, I basically don't need to apply anything on my brows as my brows are naturally thick. For those who have thinner brows, just draw the brows according to the nice brow shape using brow pencil/brow products.

Brow waxing is priced at RM42. Besides brow waxing, there are various services such as body waxing and facial waxing available. If you want to get a perfect brow shape, head over to the Benefit Brow Bar that is nearest to you.  You can find it out at


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