Thursday, August 21, 2014


Hello everyone, the reason I am writing this post at 2am is simply because I think you shouldn't miss a good deal like this. This is not an advertorial nor sponsored post, I willingly to share the good deal to all of you.

If you have been wanting to have a hair transformation, you totally should try your luck at The Met KL Salon Instagram contest (  All you need to do is upload a photo of urself and include a caption. That's it. So easy. The prize includes a total hair transformation including haircut, hair dye and hair treatment for free! For more information, do check out their Instagram @themetklsalon

How to join the contest:
1.  Follow us on Instagram/THEMETKLSALON 
2. Post a snap shot of yourself on Instagram- front profile with clear visibility of your current hair length and colour, don't forget to include your smile and hashtag #themetklsalon.
On caption; write a few lines of most inspiring and motivating reasons on why change in English, Chinese or Bahasa Malaysia. 'I desire to change my hair style and hair color because.....
3. Gather as many 'LIKES' from your network and start sharing this great opportunity. 

T&C applied. Read more at here

I have joined their contest last month, and I was so lucky to be the winner of the month! I went for the hair transformation last week, and I am so impressed how well the new hair style suits me. Plus I am really happy with their service. I went there purely as a contest winner, not as a sponsored blogger nor paying customer. Hence my point of view is pretty fair. 

Enough said, going to flaunt my new hair woohoooo
My hair cut is done by Alex and hair colour by Teng
Right after I had my hair done. I am considering to get a hair curler just to style like this everyday. I love this look!

The next day of my hair transformation, I went for fashion photoshoot for Nyo. Stay tuned for more gorgeous outfits from there!

 Also on the next day of hair transformation, I attended the Maybank Go Ahead Challenge 2014 Gala Dinner in Mandarin Oriental Hotel. Eventhough my hair is now back to straight, I think it still looks good.

This whole new look has gained so much compliments for me hehehe thank you everyone. It is either you guys are really honest or I had my old long hair for too long. This hair transformation is much needed.

I totally believe in The Met KL Salon on their services provided as you can see from my hair transformation. Personally, I am very satisfied with the result. I hope you will be one satisfied customer too:) 

Quickly go join the contest at . The contest will still running in August and September, so dont miss the chance!

Meanwhile, follow me on Instagram @wileetee . Twitter @wilee_t and Facebook 'Wilee Tee' for more updates. Wish you guys all the best!

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