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Pampering Day at Panasonic Beauty Cafe

When we talk about Panasonic, what first came into your mind? Is it air-conditioner, water heater or TV? Besides the household appliance, do you know that Panasonic have a very wide range of electronic products, including Panasonic Beauty which consists of beauty and grooming product, covering from top to toe! 

Thanks to BlupBlup, I was invited to the Panasonic Beauty Cafe which was happening on 21 August in The Library Coffee Bar. I was eager to find out what's the new products in town and I get to try it on myself! These products are so going to be the next hottest items that girls, or even guys, will be gaga over. 

Look of the Day using all my favourites: 
Eye- Kiss Me Heroin Made Liquid Eyeliner, GOD eyelashes in 137
Face- Laneige BB cushion, Amazing Cosmetics concealer in Fair Golden, Lunasol Skin Fusing Powder Foundation in YO02
Lips: Lunasol Full Glamour Gloss in EX02

I believe that being beautiful is not only focusing on the face, but the overall from top to bottom, and most importantly, inside out.

Outfit of the Day. A black jumpsuit can be really versatile.
Upon reaching The Library Coffee Bar, I totally feel in love with the whole concept of Panasonic Beauty Cafe. Everyone is in black or pink which is so sweet.

Look at how cute this coffee art! I always find the barista are very brilliant to be able to make coffee art, and some of them are very impressive. It was a warm catching up session with fellow bloggers friends over coffee before the events started. Btw, heard that the coffee here is pretty good:)

I was shocked to know there are so many beauty and grooming products available by Panasonic! I must be the frog under the well lol. These products including hair curler, face-hair ioniser, body shaver, epilator, facial roller and etc. Some of the invention wow-ed me, made me thinking why am I not aware of the product which can make grooming so much easier, faster and cost-effective. Among all the products, the most highly raved one is this pink colour hairdryer which makes hair smooth after blowing. I have yet to try it out myself, and going to try it in the beauty cafe. 

The Panasonic Beauty Cafe is honored to have Mr. Yosuke Matsunaga, Managing Director of Panasonic Malaysia to have his opening speech. He said: 'Panasonic Beauty is designed for the active and busy Asian women on the go. Easy-to-use and convenience is what we had in mind. Achieving the best look at the shortest time is what we want to provide.'

Panasonic Beauty is perfect for everyone, may it be student, working adult or housewife. Because we just want to look beautiful all the time without spending too much time. 

Going to start my Panasonic Beauty Cafe journey! Each of us was given a booklet, and we were to collect the stamps from each station after visiting it. After collecting the 4 stamps, we could redeem a free gift yayyyyy

It is divided into 4 main session which are Hair Care, Face Care, Nail Care and Body Care. Let's find out what's the interesting products available in Panasonic Beauty.

The first station I visited is Face Care. This Facial Steamer is very impressive! It was demonstrated by steaming the hand with cosmetics and one without steaming. After steaming for roughly 30 seconds, it was removed gently using a cotton, and the skin is left with brighter and clean surface! While the other hand, it requires more rubbing and more energy to remove the cosmetics. This rubbing could cause fine lines. We want minimum action done on our face yet achieving the best result. 
The facial steamer produces nano-ionic steam that penetrates into the skin for deep moisture retention. This is the same when we did steaming in the salon. The difference is with this Panasonic facial steamer, you can do it at home anytime you want at home! So convenient!

The nest station is Body Care. I am currently using the epilator from Panasonic, and it is working fine for me. But this new version of Wet & Dry epilators is even better! You can use it in the shower with its unique foam creation feature. It has a total 6 heads, catering different needs and different body areas.

Hey ;) 
Haha just showing how my hair look like before I went to the Hair Care station.

Having a make up desk like that is my dream. I want to have one in my future home *_*
There are professional hairstylist to assist us in playing around with the products.

I so need this magical product that made my hair look like this in such a short time! This is the look that I want in everyday. How I wish I could wake up like this T.T

Oh man didn't even realize the photo was blur when I took that :( Anyway this is the nanoe Hair straightener EH-HS95. It has photoceramic coating so it heats up quickly and somehow it makes the hair look smoother after using. It has 5 temperature settings. I am so going to get this home.

Here comes the highlight of the day! The hair dryer EH-ND62 in PINK! It is 2000W now! The best thing is it is only RM129. After using the hair dryer, the hair magically become smoother. The technology used allows nanoe to penetrate hair cuticle, delivering water to maintain the moisture balance inside hair while platinum ions coat the hair surface and tighten the cuticle. With these, hair moisture content is boosted. We can get a healthier hair when blowing now!

The pink hair dryer comes with the diffuser. If you don't need the diffuser, you can opt for another version which is in black. It doesn't come with the diffuser. It is priced at RM99 only.

Samantha and I after having our hair pampered with Panasonic Beauty products:)

The last station is the Mobile Beauty station. Look at all these cute pen-looking products, each of them are different, and the colours are so beautiful! It is so handy and small, you can just pop into your handbag and groom yourself to maintain at the best shape eventhough you are out from home.

I am adding this into my wish list. The Panasonic Nail Care set.  It has 4 heads to choose which are filling, cuticle care, polishing for coarse and finishing. That means manicure at home with just this set! After using, it gives a natural gloss to bare nails.

Always remember to take care of your nails. It is a part that you should never neglect.

And here comes the latest products in the Panasonic Beauty family!

Oral Irrigator

Reachargeable toothbrush

Eye Warming Massager

And lastly, the Scalp Massager. This is very nice! I need this at home as I love scalp massage very much. It makes me feel relaxed and go into sleep easier.

Had such a wonderful time in Panasonic Beauty Cafe. Now go hunt for your favourite beauty tools and be effortlessly beautiful!

For more information, please visit or call 03-79537600. 

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