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Code Factory: Crack the Code

 Do you love solving puzzle and code? Did you secretly imagine yourself as Sherlock Holmes?

I did LOL. I was crazily in love with Sherlock Holmes since I was young. And got so hook on it since the TV series started. I have always imagine myself being a detective, and crack the hardest code in the world. Oh my I forgot to mention I love Da Vincci Code too!

If you enjoy cracking codes, there is this place that I must recommend you to go. That is the Code Factory in Jaya Shopping Centre. 

Code Factory is located at Lot 2-05 & 06A, Second Floor, Jaya Shopping Centre, Jalan Semangat, Petaling Jaya. It opens from 10am to 10pm. They can be reached at 016-6161554.

Code Factory is a real life escape game, where you challenge yourself or work as a team to prove your talent by decoding, solving, breaking puzzle n quiz in 50 mins. Are you ready for the challenge?!

Thanks for the invitation from Code Factory, I gave my virgin escape room experience to Code Factory! Form a team of 2 to 6, and you are ready to go.

Code Factory currently consists of 4 rooms with a variety of themes, experience, creative quizzes and puzzles. They spent a considerable amount of time to design and create the games to make it looks special and extraordinary. Each room is unique and interactive with team work required to solve the puzzle and complete the game.. Let's take a look at each of the room.

 1. Lost
Notorious killer X is chasing after you and your friends. While in panic, all of you ran aimlessly and
got lost in the woods. Realizing that the sky is getting dark, you frantically search for shelter for the night. Thats when you unexpectedly stumble upon a mysterious cabin. What will you find in this mysterious cabin?? Is this a safe house or will you be a victim of killer X? 

A reliable source came to your superintendent about the location of the notorious killer X. Your team is assigned to apprehend him at his hide-out. Without wasting time, your team depart to said location. Unfortunately, Killer X saw this coming and led your team into his trap. While searching the vicinity, the apartment starts to burn. Find a way to escape before you all get incinerated. 

Country X and Country Y have been in a warring state for years. As spies of country Y, your team is given a mission to infiltrate a facility in country X to steal classified files. Your team has successfully infiltrated the facility and you found yourself in an interrogation room. Get the files and escape from the facility in 50 minutes before your team is captured.

Following a loud scream from Class 1A-2B, you and your friends enter the room and notice that a student has been murdered, with traces of evidence left by notorious killer Mr. X. You and your friends will need to find the evidence in the room pointing to Mr. X as the murderer and bring him to justice - before he makes you his next victim! 

Here is my team. Before we start playing, we are supposed to think of a team name and draw a poster for the team. The stationery are provided, and it is all up to you to design it! Yes we are Champs Unite, although apparently we are not the champion at the end la lol 

The room we entered was Burn Out, which difficulty was rated 5 star. It was a little bit clueless for me at the beginning, but slowly I got it! I have to say the person who design the room did it real well. There are details to notice in order to get the answer. I find this place is a great place for friends who have a couple of time free and want to have some cool game to play. And it is best for team building in my own opinion. To win the game, each of the team member should work together in order to get the code and to pass certain challenge. 
I shall not leak any more details, but if you buy me a nice coffee, I might consider though hehehe 

Well, we didn't make it in the 50 minutes. But it was such an amazing and fun experience.

Guess what, after playing this room, we just couldn't stop. And here we go to another room! Yes I'm serious. 2 rooms in a row yo!

The next room I went was Lost, with different teammates this round. This is an interesting room, but I was a little bit scared when I was inside. Not going to tell you why, go find it out yourself!
 I find the Lost room is a little bit easier than Burn Out, where I feel extremely wonderful and champion-ish when I finally managed to solve the code by myself! The joy is just overloading.

Oh yay we managed to escape the room in time this round!

The themes of the room will be rotated out within a specific amount of time so don’t miss the chance to play it and leave a sweet memory with your friends while it’s still available. I am going back to play another 2 rooms. Who is with me!

After trying hard cracking the code, there's a certificate for you to award all your hardship.

It was such a lovely day out. Instead of the usual boring hi-tea, shopping or play PS4, I highly recommended everyone who has brain(haha) to come here to challenge! Challenge yourself to break the record which escape the room in shortest time! 

For an hour of fun, I find the price very reasonable. The venue set up and challenges prepared are all well designed, it won't waste your penny. And remember to wear comfortable outfit ya!

Do check them out to get the latest information! I heard they are having a promotion for October weeeee. Don't miss it out and find out more at these platform:
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