Sunday, October 19, 2014

Jone's April Accessory

Hello pretty babes! Are you ready for the new week ahead? To cure your pre-Monday blue, I have some good stuff to share with you all which can brighten up your week! 

Besides having pretty clothes, shoes and bags for a perfect outfit, accessories play a major role in completing the outfit. It can instantly makes the whole outfit to be more lively, classy or adorable. I pay attention to details because I believe these can affect my outfit and indirectly influencing my mood! 

I have came across Jone's April Accessory which provides various beautiful accessories at an affordable price! 
You can find the latest Korean movie accessories line from time to time such as: 
My Love from the star anklet
My Love from the star necklaceMy Love from the star nail ringThe Heirs short necklaceMaster’s sun necklace and etcMiss You Actress’ middle ring

Just a casual day out. U can see the accessories on me match perfectly on this outfit! Let me show you my collection from Jone's April Accessory. is an online store which is selling top fashion accessories 100% from South Korea. They offer the best quality of accessories in the market online which you will hardly find in the market! All the accessories have been chose carefully by their fashion buyer, Miss He Yuange  (Find her on Instagram @ja_yuan), so that you can wear it proudly with our latest and rare collections of accessories. Jone’s April identity basically are limited edition, outstanding design, affordable and high quality products.

From left: Crystal Panda Bracelet, Four Leaves Flower Earring and Princess Jasmine Crown Ring 
I have a thing for shiny and bling bling stuff (raise your hand up if you love it too!), and all these just make me fell for them so much! 

The Princess Jasmine Crown Ring is adjustable hence it is suitable for any ring size, and you can wear it on any fingers you like. As the photo above, I love how the Princess Jasmine Crown Ring makes the photo more lively, and yes, I feel like a princess when I am with him :)

The quality of the product is well assured. The diamond are nicely engraved in, and not like the cheap stuff that will easily fall off. A classy and cute piece to wear on!

The Crystal Panda Bracelet is the boyfriend's favourite. He said this is so cute while I just received the item. It is adjustable, and if you have small ankle, you can wear it as ankle bracelet too. It looks just fine, and I personally prefer it that way.

 How cute is these bling bling panda! If you think having cute animals is not for your age, then you can rest assured this piece will not look childish due to its beautiful diamond. Again, I will not say no to bling bling stuff! 

My personal favourite got to be the Four Leaves Flower Earring. It matches with ANY outfit, and looks effortlessly chic!

The rose gold at the side matches just nice with the black in the middle, making it looks classy and elegant. It can be the everyday earring, wear it for daily work, casual day out or a romantic date night. 

All the items are packaged nicely to ensure the products are safely arrived on your hand! 

 And guess what, Jone's April Accessory ( promised 3 days(after customer received the products) no reason to return or exchange, as long as customers are not satisfied with our products, we will provide the best service to them.

Visit the website or their Instagram @jonesaprilaccessory where most pictures updated here. Have fun shopping princess!

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