Monday, January 27, 2014

Be Bold with Mary Quant

Every year before CNY, I will always be in the dilemma of choosing what to wear during CNY. It can be a really difficult one, don’t you think so? This year, I am going real plain and casual on my outfit but going to play around with the colours on my face instead !

p/s all photos in this post are without filter/edit, just to show you how awesome the colour is!

As my natural lips colour is quite red/pink, I have been avoiding red lipstick all my life thinking I am going to look ridiculous with red lipstick. I tried putting them on, its either the shape is weird, or the lipstick is making my lips dry. But there is this make up artist actually praised me for having red lips during a shoot! So I was like ok I am going to give red lips a try this time. I am glad I have come to Mary Quant, because as a beginner for using red lipstick, I think the application is so easy and simple. 

I am using Mary Quant R-01 (Scintillation). I really love this because of its perfect shaping. Metallic and elegant packaging makes me thought it was a nail polish for a second. I was thinking ohmaigawd I took the wrong product home wtf. But look! Inside this fun design is this beautiful red lipstick with perfect shaping. 

Red lips basically just suit everyone with different skin tone. It is never out of style. But everyone of us has our own favourite colour. And mine, is the Mary Quant R-01 (Scintillation). Besides of its perfect shaping, it provides long lasting moisture to the lips too. Even after removing it, you can still feel the lips is moisture. 

I love the shape of lipstick is just perfect for creating the lip's perks! Red lips is something new to me, and I think we should all be bold enough to try on red lips!

For this CNY, I am just going to put on this red lips with minimal eyemake. My outfits are generally the dull/monotone colour, hence the red lips can bring out the festive mood. Here is 2 looks that I am to wear for CNY Chor 1 and Chor 2
Chor 1

Chor 2

Get your favourite colour with Mary Quant and have fun playing around with colours! Recommended RCP is only RM108 which I think really worth it for a good lipstick like this. Hope you enjoy using it as much as I do.

Happy CNY everyone! Gong hei Fatt Choi! 


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