Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Review: Cellnique Age Defying Whitening Airy Masque

[ Bare Face Alert! ]
Bare Face me. Sorry if I scare you T.T Skin has been really bad recently and I am in need of a boost to save my skin. 

I heard about Cellnique long time ago as Cellnique is a renowned brand in the indsustry. I tried their facial service before and it was sooooo good. Hence I believe in Cellnique. 
Cellnique Paramedical is driven by a passion to pursue flawless and perfect solutions, with the purpose of not only  providing the most professional and result-driven skin care products, but also aiming to set new benchmarks in the salon skincare industry and promote a vibrant, confident and healthy lifestyle for both our channel partners and users.

So this time, to save my skin, I tried on the Age Defying Whitening Airy Masque

This whitening and rejuvenating masque is infused with pure extracts of Rice Lees, Centella, Licorice, and Indian Lotus to soften fine lines and lighten skin for a visibly fairer, smoother and rejuvenated complexion. It intensively moisturizes, brightens and revitalizes the skin by restoring skin firmness and elasticity. Skin regains its youthful suppleness and radiance.

Dry weight of Airy mask sheet – 2.5 g
Volume: 25ml
Country: Taiwan
Price: RM 129 (5 pcs per box)

Each box consists of 5 pieces. Just take one piece out and tear it. 

You should see this in the packet.

Gently open it up. There is 1 side in blue

Another side in white plastic

Each masque is composed of three layers of which the middle layer is the airy masque. Remove the blue paper layer 

and place the essence layer onto your face.  It has a soothing effect so it feels cool on the skin.

Remove the plastic later  

and leave only the essence layer for 15 minutes. The essence layer is very thin so do handle with care.

After 15 minutes, remove the mask. Gently massage for 30 seconds, leave it for another 30 seconds for complete absorption. Post cleansing is not needed. 

And you can enjoy a very hydrated and brightened skin now!

After using the mask : So big difference compare to before using the mask! Skin instantly appear brighter, fairer and moisturised! The red spot on skin become less too. When I touch it, it feels very suppled. I am really satisfied with the result. I believe if I do it consistently, the fine lines will disappear gradually because the skin is so suppled! 


Brightening skin tone
Anti-oxidant and prevent signs of aging
Anti-inflammatory/Soothing effect
Deep moisturizing

As you know, you can now purchase your favourite Cellnique products through their website And I have an exclusive deal Only for my readers!  Get RM5 discount if you purchase Cellnique airy masque at
Key in this code for discount: BLG921C
I wish I can try more Cellnique products to make my skin better! Girls and boys, let's be fabulous together :)

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Thursday, May 15, 2014

Shopping with MrLens

How many of you wear lens?

I wear lens most of the time when I am out from the house. No matter you wear lens just to look prettier or for comfort, there is this website that you won’t want to miss. 

That is At MrLens you would be provided with the highest quality eye-care products, professional service, fast delivery, the most affordable prices and with a user friendly online interface. MrLens was setup in 2002 and is a dynamic company dedicated to providing you the highest quality service and the same brand name contact lenses that your optician, optometrist or doctor from around the world. Today, we are proud to be the largest online contact lens shop in Switzerland and major parts of Europe, going global and we are now available in Asia too! carries a wide range of soft lenses disposable Contact Lenses from daily disposables, weekly disposables, monthly disposables and even yearly disposables at the Best Price in Town! has different types of Contact Lenses ranging from Normal Contact Lenses, Aspheric Contact Lenses, Toric Contact Lenses, and also Color Contact Lenses. If you are looking for a professional contact lenses shop, is your solution with unbeatable price and free delivery in Klang Valley!  

Theses Contact Lenses that you purchase from are exactly the same from your local Optician, Optometrist Retail store but just at the fraction of the price! Why? because being an online business they save money on expensive shop lot rental, renovation and staffing and give this difference in savings back to you.

There are reviews given by the customers on the product so you can take that as reference.

If you are not wearing lens, you can still find your favourite eyewear here! May it be sunglasses, or corrective glasses, you can definitely find something that suits you here. I always have a problem of getting the perfect design in the optical shop due to their limited design offered. I go from shop to shop, and it is pretty tiring. But now, I just have to browse in and wait for my favourite pair of glasses to reach my house! 

And guess what I have noticed in their website? There are 2 new categories: Perfume and Cosmetics coming soon! I can't wait to see what they are going to offer!

I ordered 2 boxes of ColorVue Big Eyes Dolly Black few weeks back, and the delivery is surprisingly efficient! It takes about 3 working days to reach my hand, and the status of my order is being updated from time to time through email. So i can get track of my order and location of my parcel. 

The parcel is wrapped carefully. The 2 box of contact lens comes with a lens box and free lolipop! Free gift like this definitely made me feel happier.

Wearing the ColorVue Big Eyes Dolly Black 

Besides, has introduced 'Friends Recommendation' to reward you, our good customer, by allowing you to recommend your friends to You will be rewarded for every friend that purchase from and your referred friend would be rewarded too ;) Now, all you need to do is to register yourself in and start referring a friend!

So say Hello to hassle-free eyewear shopping in! 

Mr. Lens Website :


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Friday, May 9, 2014

Are you ready for Tiger Translate?

TGIF everyone! I am being so efficient, once again hehehe. Just because there's something really exciting to share with you all!

Tiger Translate, a platform by Tiger Beer which celebrates global creativity through the exposure to different cultures and experiences is finally coming to Malaysia this June 14! This is the first Tiger Translate in Malaysia!

If you are into indie, performances and arts, you cannot miss this!

But first, let me take a selfie lol. Photos in this post are all directly taken from Samsung NX Mini, without any edit and filter. 

As Tiger Translate is kinda indie style, I dressed up a little bit more hip/streetwear to match the theme. I am not sure if I pass for it or not hahaha. Wearing my ubah sweater with a spiky high waisted shorts with a pair of nude wedges which is invisible in this photo lol

Don't worry if you are not familiar with Tiger Translate, as I said it is its' first in Malaysia! I will give you a rough idea on Tiger Translate.
'Tiger Translate is a multi-sensory fusion of arts and music which allows unconventional collaborations of arts, music and performances, in one event. From staging a music showcase against a LIVE mural painting on Hoa Lo, Hanoi, the street where the infamous ‘Hanoi Hilton’ prison is located to transforming a car park into a living art gallery showcasing both street art and music for more than 1700 attendees in Dubai, to a six-day Street Graffiti party in Ulaanbaatar, Tiger Translate has been making waves in an extensive creative journey where music and art intersect. Tiger Translate has grown over the years in different countries to showcase artistic collaborations spanning the areas of music, design and art, photography and more.'

Mark your calender peeple, Tiger Translate Malaysia will be rocking the stage at Kenanga City on June 14, bringing together musicians and artists to one showground! 

I am so excited to find out about the artists line-up! And I am really honored to be invited to the media launch courtesy of Manoah Consulting. 
This is my first time in The Rabbit Hole, Changkat Bukit Bintang since it has launched. It is going to be a tiger in the rabbit hole kinda night

I am not sure if this is The Rabbit Hole's original design or they specially made it for the Tiger Translate launch. But it was so cool! So many tigers mural art. Here is me yumseng with Tiger beer at Jalan YumSeng hahaha 

More awesome artwork on the wall. These artists are so talented!

Talking about artists, the artists line-up for the Tiger Translate 2014 is out ! Local indie music enthusiasts are all in for a treat as they’ll be rocking the night to four amazing acts from both the local and international music scene featuring Editors from the UK, Chochukmo (Hong Kong), Manic Sheep (Taiwan) and local musician OJ Law.

Chochukmo, Hong Kong

Editors, UK

OJ Law and his band, Malaysia 

On the art front, the event will also see artistic collaboration between three homegrown artistsGraffiti Artist - Kenji Chai, Tattooist - Lynda Chean and Graphic Designers – Kickatomic’s Tsu Ann and Jayme in front of a live crowd. At present, Tiger Beer is working with these renowned artists to bring arts closer to its consumers. The artists have been commissioned to design limited edition Tiger Translate beer bottle sleeves which will also be showcased at the Tiger Translate event. 

The media launch itself was indeed a great chill out night with friends, and most importantly, with Tiger beer!

With fashionista Reiko and Coco. Their short hair make me have the urge to cut my hair again!

We totally should install a spotlight in the house, so that we always look good in photos hehehe. I am loving my hair colour! Btw blogged about it here

With Don and Coco <3 font="" nbsp="">

 The passes to the Tiger Translate Malaysia is not for sale. You can win the passes from Tiger Beer's Facebook Page and website. Remember to 'like' Tiger Beer Malaysia Facebook Page at ,you can win exclusive passes to the 1st Tiger Translate in Malaysia from there! Do check out  for more on Tiger Translate and its past events. 

Are you ready for Tiger Translate? I am! See you all there!

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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Be Stylish with Samsung NX Mini

Have you read about my experience during Samsung NX Mini Photo Marathon? If you have not, you can read it here . I have been sooooo in love with the camera ever since I got it. Basically, all the photos taken from 26 April till now, which I posted in both Instagram and Facebook, are all taken with the Samsung NX Mini. And most of the photos are without any filter and edit! Do follow me to see more of the photos :)

As I have shown in the previous post, I am using a white NX Mini. Beautiful isn't? I love it. 
Do you know Samsung NX Mini comes in 5 beautiful colours? 

It comes with black, brown, pink, mint and white for you to choose. It is kinda unique as pink and mint camera is quite rare! As much as I love the white NX Mini I got, it was a love at first sight with the Mint NX Mini!
Look at this baby... Such beautiful pastel colour! I love how pastel mint looks so good on a leatherette design. It gives me a premium, stylish yet soft look. Both men and women are going to love this. 

For people who doesn't like colour like this, white is always the perfect choice. 
One more thing that I like about this NX Mini is its leatherette design. It is so me. 

It gives a classy yet premium look, making the owner to look more stylish. This theory is the same as wearing a high end watch, or carrying a premium brand handbag. And it instantly gives you a kind of confidence to showcase yourself. 

 The leatherette design totally give a fresh and new look to the camera! It is definitely one of a kind. I love how it personifies my need for a premium and luxurious product. Taking it out from my bag just made me feel atas for that moment lol

Since I have mentioned about my bag, I thought I will just show you what's in my everyday bag.

 What's in my everyday bag: Cosmetics for touch up especially during a long day out, sunglasses, hair accessories, purse, phone and my NX Mini 
I love how the NX Mini being so stylish and awesome, it is suitable to bring for any occasions, both casual and formal. 

I will be attending a wedding very soon, and this is what I have prepared to wear on that day. All white! 
The NX mini is very handy and it fits into my clutch! I can now have pretty photos in the events but I don't need to carry a big bag to put my bigger camera! The leatherette design of the NX Mini matches so well with almost everything. Let it be lace, pearl, or even leather. Leather on leather is really cool.

For party. You won't want to carry a big bag when you are party-ing isn't? My take for a party outfit: Crop top, Studded high waisted shorts, a glitter messenger bag to make the outfit pop. I then just pop in the NX Mini, and I am good to go! As you can see, the stylish design of NX Mini makes the whole outfit looks cooler, exactly what I want. 

The stylish design not only makes the outfit to be cooler, it works just as well for a girly night out. 
For a date night, I will wear a wavy top paired with a skirt to flaunt the beautiful curve, carry a tote bag which can stuff in the cardigan. If it looks a little bit plain, the appearance of NX Mini is going to make the outfit become more classy. 

I will be posting more photos taken using my NX Mini, so do follow me on instagram @wileetee and Facebook Wilee Tee. You can check out the hashtag #myNXmini in both Instagram and Facebook to see others' photos too. 

The Samsung NX Mini is priced at RM1399 with 9mm f3.5 lens and Rm1699 with kit lens. Very reasonable price for stylish design yet high image quality camera with flip screen. Find out more about it at here or you can always go to a Samsung centre to ask the friendly sales assistants. 

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Sunday, May 4, 2014

Restyle by A Cut Above, Sunway Pyramid

Since I have came to KL few years back, my search for an affordable yet good service salon has never end. It is usually too pricey or the service isn't that good or sometimes I just don't like the hairstylist's taste wtf. 
If you are also in the midst of searching, you can end your search after reading this post. 

If you have followed me closely on Instagram/Facebook, you will notice that I have been trying out really a lot of hair salon. And this time, I am giving it a try at Restyle by A Cut Above

Restyle was built on the idea that a haircut is more than just a haircut. It has an inherent power to change your look, elevate your bearing, and influence your character. Imagine making a whole new first impression on someone. Here at Restyle we aim to cultivate the look you want, and the appearance you aspire to portray - About Restyle

The service offered here has a wide selection: treatments, rebonding, perm, straightening and etc. They offer Signature Packages which I think very worth it. The place is cosy and bright, and the hairstylists here are very friendly and ready to assist you anytime. Besides, you can have your mani/pedi done at the meantime! 

You can be assured to enjoy the quality service at Restyle, as the stylists are trained and supervised by the A Cut Above Group. Needless to say, A Cut Above is one of the supreme brand in the hair industry which won countless awards. 

This is my hair right now! Pretty or not! I am loving it very much.
My hairstylist is Edmund, from Restyle by A Cut Above in Sunway Pyramid. I am going to show you how he transform my disgusting hair to something I love it so much. Continue to read if you want to know more about my hair makeover.

My very disgusting grass-like hair. Awful roots, bad hair ends, extremely dry hair and it is totally out of shape. I get a shock everytime when I look at this photo. How can I go around with this hair omg

And the reason I have been tolerating it is because it looks quite acceptable from front. But looking back my old photos now, I am kinda regret that I felt that way. Because it actually looks equally awful as the back!

I am going to do whole head dye and treatment. I have never try red based hair colour before, so Edmund suggested that I can try the Majirouge colour. I am using the 6.66 which is the lightest colour. In Restyle by A Cut Above, they are using L'oreal Professional products.

To add a little bit more fun into the usual hair colour, Edmund suggested me to get a highlight. But my hair is in really bad condition, I cannot do those funky colour like green or blue which requires bleaching. I was quite sad la when he said that.. BUT he soon come back and said he has a hair colour which do not require bleaching and it stands out just as well! And it is going to be a pinkish red tail! It is going to match with my Majirouge hair just nice. Edmund did the highlight at the bottom hair so it won't look too flattering, but can see it clearly while I tie my hair up. I just leave everything to him as I believe in him. He has been working in there for 5 years. There's no reason I should not entrust my hair to him.

My last hair dye was in last year October/November. It has been quite some time so the black roots are pretty long. Edmund explained that my hair needs a few steps in order to get even colour on whole head.

As we all knew, colouring+treatment requires quite some time. There's a hairstylist whom I didn't get her name(sorry T.T) asked me if I were hungry and they have some biscuits over there. But that time I wasn't hungry yet. Another an hour or so, I started to feel hungry but I thought its ok I will just wait till my hair is done as I am too lazy to walk around with my half-done hair. But, Edmund was really sweet to offer to buy burger for me! Eventhough I didn't mention I am starting to feel hungry and he was so busy at that time. I know is a very small gesture but in fact, he is the only hairstylist I met who will offer to help. I was really touched!

After getting my hair colour done, we are almost done! To revive my hair, Edmund recommended me to use the Liss Unlimited Treatment. It smells so good I feel like eating my hair. And the smell stays for about 3 days even after I shampooed my hair with my own shampoo. I highly recommend this treatment to people who did a lot of chemical treatment on hair before, just doesn't bother to take care of it and hair is in severe damage like mine wtf. This works like miracle to me. 
You can top up a little bit more in their Signature Package to get this treatment. Like my package for long hair, it includes hair dye(whole head)+cut+treatment, it is priced at RM305. For the price you paid, I think it is very worth it. The price is reasonable and the service is great. What's more the result is satisfying!

After the treatment, my hair is done!
Hello new hair! scroll up the post to see the 'Before' hair. I am amazed to see the difference especially on hair quality. My hair looks healthier and smoother and no more frizzy dry damaged hair! If you noticed, at the left bottom can see a little bit of my red highlight hehe. Just a little bit. So if you are worried your workplace/college/family can't accept funky hair but you want to try something new, I believe this is one of good choice for you. 

Edmund blow dry and curl my hair nicely and tadaa! You can now see my pinkish red highlight! Words can't describe my feeling when I see my new hair. I feel like give Edmund a big hug and thank him for saving my (hair) life. He recommended me to curl my hair like this so my red tail can see the world but sorry la I am just too lazy hahaha I will just camwhore for like 1000 photos and look at it while I am missing it.

If I have a curler at home I probably will do that haha but too bad I only have straightener

Love the interlocking red highlight!!! If my laziness will run away from home one day, I am going to do this to my hair every single day. It is just brilliant. To be honest, a lot of people look at me that day and one salesgirl even asked me where I did my hair. That's the moment where I feel like a star HAHAHA just kidding

During normal days when I just do not have the time to curl my hair, I just let it naturally down. As I didn't do any rebonding and some of the curl from my previous perm are remaining, my hair will curl inwards like this. Supposingly it will hide my pretty red tails but I think just showing a little bit of the red is equally good. It is adding a little bit more of fun into the usual hair.

Under normal sunlight, my hair appears more red than indoor. Is it reddish brown or brownish red? Either way I am loving it! The red hair complement my skin tone so well, and as Edmund said, I am looking fairer than before. 

And this time, I am so determined to protect my hair colour so I get the colour protect shampoo as Edmund recommended. My hair colour did fade a little bit but still as awesome! The photo above is taken 2 weeks after I done my hair. 

Thank you so much Edmund and A Cut Above for the awesome hair! Remember to look for Edmund in Restyle by A Cut Above! Do follow and to know more about Restyle by A Cut Above and BloggeRestyle. 

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