Sunday, June 29, 2014

Review: Kiss Me Heavy Rotation Shiny Jewel Eyeliner (Shiny Black)

Today I'm going to show you what's the essential in my daily make up pouch. As I personally have bad skin condition, I am very careful in choosing cosmetics for my skin. So far, Kiss Me is one of my trusted brands as their products always contain certain ingredients that helps to care for our skin.

And that's why, in my daily make up pouch, is all about Kiss Me and K-Palette's products! From left: K-Palette Zero Kuma concealer 01, Kiss Me Shiny Gloss 02, Kiss Me Shiny Jewel Eyeliner 01, Kiss Me Heroin Make Long & Curl Mascara Steady Brown, Kiss Me lip cream, Heavy Rotation face powder

Most of the products I have reviewed before, so this post is featuring a new product which is also my recent new love, that is the Kiss Me Heavy Rotation Shiny Jewel Eyeliner in 01 Shiny Black.

I love liquid eyeliner as it can create a very sharp look. I can have a sharp tail at the end and it is pretty easy to use once you got used to it. I got so excited when I found out Kiss Me now have a new liquid eyeliner which has the SHINY effect in it! It is pretty common for pencil eyeliner to have the shimmer, but this is the first time I heard about a shimmer LIQUID eyeliner

It is only selling at RM49.90 and comes with 3 different colour. Apparently I can't decide which colour should I get, so I got the safest colour which is Black. But after I used it, I am so going to go back and get the Shiny Brown and Shiny Pink White!

Hands on the Kiss Me Heavy Rotation Shiny Jewel Eyeliner in 01 Shiny Black. This liquid eyeliner is resistant to sebum, sweat, tears and rubbing. I have a full confident to it as other Kiss Me eyeliner I used is doing perfectly good job on this. I dare to say Kiss Me eyeliner is the best eyeliner I ever used!
The eyeliner can be easily removed using lukewarm water.

Unboxing it. Look at the ultra thin brush. This super thin brush enables us to create any precise lines around or on the corners of the eyes. And it is very easy to apply.

Some of the basic eyeliner design you can used. This is to show you how beautiful and easy to use it is. The first and second stroke is done by only 1 stroke. Did you just fell in love with the glitters? I did. 

 As its' name mentioned, it is the Shiny Jewel eyeliner. Meaning it has glitters in it! Left stroke is a normal matte black eyeliner while the right is the stroke made by the Shiny Jewel Eyeliner. You can see it instantly brighten up the skin colour due to the beautiful glitters.

Beauty Review: Kiss Me Heavy Rotation Shiny Jewel Eyeliner ( 01 Shiny Black)

p/s The photos below are cropped and showed only my eyes. So sorry about that as I cant show you the whole finish look as my skin has been breaking out a lot of acne since I got back from Laos :( So I am trying to keep my face off from cosmetics for the time being. I desperately need help to get rid of the acne and scars :( 

Bare Face. Used beauty mode but can still see my cheek there have scars and acne... 

Alright I am going to show you 2 simplest way of using the Kiss Me Shiny Jewel 

Draw lines along the edge of the eyes or you may just fill the gaps between lashes. Just draw a simple stroke across your lashline with 01 Shiny Black. I did this with just 1 stroke. The tail is nicely done and sharp!

Black colour defines to enlarge the eyes. Draw it as close to your lashline as possible for larger eyes

I like to draw on lower lashline as well so that eyes look bigger and more accentuate. . For lower eyelid, apply only the outer half or one third from the outer bottom corner.

Did I mention the beauty ingredients it contained? In this Shiny Jewel Eyeliner, it contains of 3 beauty essence which is Collagen, Sodium Hyaluronate and Chamomile Extract.

Make the line thicker at the center of the upper lid (right above the pupil) to make the eye and pupil look larger. Draw thicker lines for gorgeous shiny eyes that stand out!
I am loving the glittery effect that brighten up the eyes! The colour is quite intensed. You can always draw another stroke for a striking look!

 Do you love what I share this time? I am really loving this eyeliner for its easy application and beautiful glitters that brighten up the eyes! 

p/s I read from Kiss Me Facebook Page that they are having sales for this Shiny Jewel Eyeliner!!!
Wait no more, get your favourite Shiny Jewel Eyeliner at selected SaSa and Watsons outlets! 

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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Popobe® Bola Bears by Domino’s

If you know me personally, you will know how Domino's Pizza save my life throughout my university life. I am pretty lazy to eat out yet reluctant to cook at home, hence Domino's Pizza always is my first choice when I am in dilemma. Best of all it is FREE delivery!

When I received the invitation to the launch of Popobe® Bola Bears by Domino’s, I was quite excited as it means more Domino's Pizza for me!

All dressed up for Domino's Pizza! My recent favourite piece got to be Midi Skirt. So versatile and appropriate for most of the occasions.

Domino’s Pizza introduced its latest collectable premium, named Popobe® Bola Bears by Domino’s. These custom designed limited edition bears will be available for a limited time only, exclusively at Domino’s Pizza Malaysia outlets.

Present to you the limited edition Popobe® Bola Bears by Domino’s!
From left: Eva, Pedro, Juan

Which one is your favourite?

Hands on the Bola Bear: Pedro. It is slightly bigger than palm size, and the quality is superb. Pedro, Juan and Eva will only be around for six weeks, so be quick to grab them all!

Domino's Pizza also launched the new “Bola Meal deals as part of the campaign, offering customers the chance to collect the limited edition Popobe® Bola Bears at a special promotional price. Do visit their website for more information.

And I cannot believe I missed out the More Pizza More Football Campaign by Domino’s! The grand prize is a trip to Brazil!!!!

The grand prize winner of Domino’s Kickoff Online Contest, who was also present at the launch, was presented with an all-expense paid trip for two to Brazil worth more than RM34,000. Congratulations Mr Peck!

During the launch, there is a mini competition among us. And again, the grand prize is my dream gift. Domino's Pizza really know what we want, isn't? Just like how they offering great service with delicious food in affordable price, which definitely suits most of us.

Did you see what I see? The GoPro Hero3!!!!!!!! I have been wanting this for sooooooo long but just couldn't give myself an excuse to get another new camera T.T

The mechanism is pretty simple, just upload a selfie with the Bola Bears, including the hashtag BolaBears and tag @DominosMY. The highest vote wins the prize home.

See how everyone just obsessed with the Bola Bears.

Here is my take. Pedro is too cute not to take a photo with it !

But, too bad. I didn't win it... Still, congratulations to Ben who definitely deserved the prize.

One more good deal, Domino's is so generous! If you missed out the previous competition, fret not, here is one more for you to join! The Bear-A-Selfie Instagram Contest is here !

Have a Instagram account? Love Domino's? Got your Bola Bear with you? You are now ready to go. Stand a chance to win 1 year pizza supply + 1 set of Bola Bears!

Now that you have your ultimate companion, be creative in your selfie with them and while completing the caption 'My #BolaBears and I …', be sure to tag @DominosMY!
And now you are in the running to win 1 year supply of pizza! Get your friends to vote for you in !

Do 'like' Domino's Malaysia Facebook Page for more great deals like this. Waiting forward to seeing your awesome selfie with the Bola Bears!

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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Starlight Cinema with Galaxy Life

If you have been following me on Instagram: @wileetee , Twitter: @wilee_t , Facebook: Wilee Tee , you will noticed that I have mentioned about the Starlight Cinema a couple of times. I watched the Sound of Music on last Sunday, thanks to Galaxy Life. Galaxy Life is an application only for Samsung Galaxy gadgets, which provides exclusive deals to users. And I am really glad to see readers to say Hi to me there! 
Starlight Cinema is a cinema where you can watch movie under the stars. Movies are scheduled, until 21st June, so you got to check it and see which day to go catch your favourite movie. Thanks to Galaxy Life, I get to enjoy so many privileges! If you haven't, download it at

Arriving the venue at Bukit Kiara Equestrian Club, plenty of signs directing you to the carpark.
Plenty of parking available, and helpful guards around to assist you. There will have buggy to pick you up from carpark to paintball field, and it is about 5 minutes interval only. And yes, the parking is free too.

Hello Starlight Cinema! 

To redeem the movie passes, first you must have the Galaxy Life app. You can download it at Then launch the app, you will see the recommended deals for you. Find the Starlight Cinema, click in, and you will see the page as shown in the photo above. After clicking redeem, it will valid for 1 hour. So my advice is to redeem when you are already in the venue. Then, show your phone to the staff there, and you can enter the Starlight Cinema for FREE! Each code is entitled for 1 pair of passes.

 The Starlight Cinema is at Bukit Kiara Equestrian Club, paintball field. 

There are many stalls here so you can purchase food/ drinks. If you are a Galaxy life user, you get to redeem some food for FREE! And trust me, by the time you finish redeeming all the food, you will be very very full. 
Some of stalls available to redeem free food: Gong Cha, Crazy Potato, Coffea Coffee, Pizza Hut and more!

 My favourite Gong Cha! I redeemed a cup of SIgnature Winter Melon tea while Andrew redeemed the Milk Tea with Herbal Jelly. 

 Redeemed a burger in Kaw Kaw Burger. My first time trying Burger Bakar Kaw Kaw! IT WAS SO YUMMY!!!! I nearly tear when I had my first bite wtf. You had my heart, Kaw Kaw.
Andrew and I are hooked on it. We always heard how awesome is it but never get to try it. Now we finally understand why is everyone loving it so much. We are definitely going back for Burger Bakar Kaw Kaw.

 Redeemed my one scoop ice-cream. Wah I tell you, movie+ice-cream = perfect

 After grabbing the food we want, we went to find a seat for ourselves.
You can bring your own mat, pillow, plush toys and etc. If not, you can just sit on the mat that they prepared in the front which we did. There're beanbags around so you can grab one if you are lucky/early. If not, you can always rent one at the stall beside. 
Some friends asked me isn't it hot at night, especially it is outdoor? Surprisingly, it is not hot at all. Instead, it can be a little bit chilly at night. For kids and elderly, maybe you can bring a jacket or scarf.

The movie is played on an extremely big screen in a S5. Haha I kid I kid. The screen is so big, that you don't need to worry you can't watch it, eventhough you are sitting far away.

 I was in choir during high school days, and one of my favourite songs is The Sound of Music. I have never watch the movie before, but I just feel it is so beautiful when I sing it. The moment I saw The Sound of Music is in the movie list in Starlight Cinema, I know I MUST go to catch this. 
And this movie is truly beautiful :)
One of my favourite scene: Maria teaching the children to sing Do Re Mi

 Captain Von Trapp singing Edelweiss. My favourite song throughout the movie

 Not only I get to know this beautiful story, it reminds me so much about my high school time. When all of us gathered in the hall and sing Do Re Mi and The Sound of Music, preparing for competition and etc. Such a bitter-sweet memory :)

And I'm glad to experience the Starlight Cinema with him. Really romantic!
Wonderful chilling date night. Best thing is I don't need to spend a single cent #cheapskatelevel99
 Good food, good movie, good companion. What else can i ask for?

Don't say I never share good stuff with you all ar. Samsung Galaxy users must download the Galaxy Life App! 
Check out the schedule for the list of awesome movies line-ups at 
There will be Titanic, Pacific Rim, Man of Steel and etc coming out! Make sure you don't miss this golden chance to catch your favourite movie with a whole new experience! Check out #mygalaxylife to see more photos 

Download the Galaxy Life app at to enjoy the exclusive deals as a Samsung Galaxy users! 

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Monday, June 9, 2014

Sally Hansen Triple Shine Giveaway

If you have know me personally, I am not a person who is good in arts. Let it be drawing or even make up, I need a lot of practise in order to be good in it. I extremely love drawing on nails, but at the same time, clumsy me just ruin my own nails most of the time. I either go for a all same plain colour, or just head on to salon to let manicurist to beautify my nails. 

I am so glad I have come across Sally Hansen, the #1 nail brand in the U.S.A. It is the most trusted problem/solution cosmetic brand for over 50 years which provides innovative, high quality and high value 
beauty solutions in Nail Treatment, Nail Color and Beauty Tools. 

This post is dedicated for people who is bad in drawing on nails, and fail in every other nail tutorial out there who required tape/drawing tools. Oh and also for busy ladies who still want to look awesome in the tight schedule :)

This is my nails most of the time, just plain colour. This lilac colour is my favourite colour recently. Been using it for nearly 1 month! 
I'm going to add a little bit of fun into my usual nails.

This is the result! Simple yet chic. Easy to do and guarantee you wont ruin your nails again and again. 

I'm going to feature all Sally Hansen products in this simple tutorial. The 3 main nail colours are all from Sally Hansen Triple Shine collection.
From left: 140 Drama Sheen, 310 Twinkled Pink, 290 Vanity Flare, 800 Tweedy, Insta-Dri Anti-Chip Top Coat, Hardener

1. Cut your nails into your desired shape and apply the base. I am using the Sally Hansen 'Hard as Nails' hardener as base because my nails are very fragile and chips off easily. So using this can strengthen my nails.
Sally Hansen invented Hard as Nails in 1958, and it is still a best selling product today. It is known as “The Nail Clinic in a bottle®” and Nail Hardener that helps prevent chipping, splitting, and cracking.

 2. Apply 140 Drama Sheen which gives a soft lilac colour on all fingers.
 I like this soft pastel colour look very natural on skin, and it somehow make my skin looks fairer. Works well to match with any outfit colours.

 With just 2 coats, the colour look so glossy and sharp already! And I haven't even apply the top coat. Ahh mad love! 

3. Apply 310 Twinkled Pink on the ring finger.
I like to add this onto the lilac colour as the colour will look softer and more matching with the other fingers. 

4. Dip-dye the index finger. 
Apply the 290 Vanity Flare onto an edge of a sponge.

Then just gently tap the sponge on to the edge of the nail. It should gives you a beautiful gradient colour like this. 

5. For the rest of the nails, I just apply the Fuzzy Coat 800 Tweedy on the edge, creating the gradient effect
The Fuzzy Coat is so useful. I apply the coat from the outer side, gently swipe it in. Then you will get the effect like this. 

6. Top the nail colours off with INSTA-DRI ANTI-CHIP TOP COAT. This top coat is awesome! It gives a quick dry, chip-resistant, shiny and thick top coat. Trust me, it can last for 2 weeks!

And then, voila!
I really like a simple design like this, with a twist of fun in it. Good for work/college/daily use. Ever since I started using Sally Hansen products, I have not been using any other products. Because the result is just too good and the colour lasts for so long! 

 Show you the Sally Hansen Triple Shine colour I got. I apply 2 coats in these photos below without top coat. 

310 Twinkled Pink
Colour that every girls will love.

140 Drama Sheen
My current favourite. I love pastel colour !

150 Pool Party

 290 Vanity Flare
Look at how beautiful and glossy the colour is!

Besides its glossy finishing, one more thing I like about this Sally Hansen Triple Shine is the brush. 
The Patented Gloss-Tech Brush 

 The brush is critical to perfectly thin coats that create the ultimately smooth surface that reflect the light for 
maximum shine. With just one or two stroke, you can have even and beautiful coat done! For noobie like me, this is extremely useful and great when you are in a rush.

The Sally Hansen Triple Shine collection has many other beautiful colours as shown below. I am so going to get the 210 Reef Raf soon! 

 Sally Hansen Triple Shine Colour Code


2 lucky readers will bring home 2 bottles of their choice of Triple Shine


1. LIKE Sally Hansen Malaysia FB Page ( )

2. Comment in this post: "I deserve two bottles of Triple Shine because..."
3. Leave your Name, Email and the colour code(as shown in the picture above) you want with the comment.

You can submit as many entries as you like. Contest ends on 27 June 2014 11.59am. Winners will be notified through email, so remember to check your email!

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