Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Panasonic Beauty – Make beautiful happen 2015

Hello lovelies, I'm back :) 

Sorry for the long hiatus, working life hasn't go easy on me. Probably would need a little more motivation from you all, pretty please? 

If you still remember, I had a wonderful time in Panasonic Beauty Cafe last year in The Library Coffee Bar. You can read about the fun day out with the girls here

It was so great to be able to join the beautiful ladies in Panasonic again, this year in Betjeman & Barton, 1 Utama. Can't wait!

Bag & Pumps from Charles & Keith 
Bodycon Dress from Zalora 


It has been too long since you last saw me isn't? :)

Look at all these products in such sleek and stylish design, I just want it all!

Being beautiful need to be well taken care of from top to bottom including hair, skin, oral and nails. With Panasonic, all these just became so much easier. 

Beauty care devices is essential especially for working ladies like me. All I need is something that can help me to maintain beauty in my hectic schedule. 

While oral care, needless to say, plays an important role for leaving a positive impression. This is something I take care of very well because teeth cant grow again wtf 

Among the new products that I played with, below are a few that are in my wishlist now haha. 

Nano-sized ionic steam (EH-SA31) which is the cylinder looking item in the photo above is probably every girl's must-have item. We all know steaming face makes the pores open so the dirt can be cleaned easily. With this EH-SA31, we can enjoy spa-like treatment at home. It can used a make up primer and also for deep cleansing. I NEED THIS. 

Another interesting product I fond of is the Facial Cool Putter EH-SQ10. It works like a soothing agent to cool down the skin and tighten the pores. The cooling effect feels very good on skin. Just like what we always have the cool mask/moisturiser after sun burn or on irritated skin, the EH-SQ10 works just the same but in even easier way. 

The Warming Facial & Body Roller (EH-SP32) gives a gloss coating effect after using it. I like it when the roller squeeze and rub on the skin, it is warm and the strength is just nice. I think it helps for blood circulation, in a way promotes healthy skin. 

This is my personal favourite of all! That's the Scalp Massager (EH-HE94).
I really love it when people give me a head/scalp massage. With this scalp massager, I can just do it anytime anywhere I want. What I love the most is the 4-finger spiral movement that constantly press and lift the scalp which just make people feel so relaxed. There are 2 strength to choose which is high and low. Oh and of course scalp massage promote a healthy scalp as well. You can just do it when you are in shower or in a bath tub if you want as it is also waterproof. How awesome it is! *sneak it into handbag*

Look at this lovely tea set! Just gotta love the effort that the team has put in to make this event a success. Everything look so pretty! I am a sucker for everything that looks beautiful :3

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